October 15, 2009

The Rockmine Garage Sale is exactly what it says. All the stuff from Rockmine’s garage is being sold. From complete years of music papers, through ephemera and memorabilia; artists’ clothing to merchandise; vinyl, cassettes and cartridges. With the property on the market for sale, I figured it was time to sell everything I didn’t need.

I’ll be listing stuff every day but I’ll happily accept wants lists or questions if you’re looking for specific items. You never know what’s lurking in the garage! To help with keeping the list up to date, I’ll run a twitter feed. To save time, I’ll simply list an item. If anyone wants it, send me a comment and I’ll set up a PayPal payment page for the item and postage to wherever you are in the world. It’s very much a case of when it’s gone, it really has gone.

That’s how it’s going to work. First person to mail me about any item gets first chance to buy it. The page will be held open for 24 hours and then given to the second in line.

On the subject of vinyl. I’m going to have a weekend sale where collectors and dealers can come and grab what they want. Everything will be priced so that dealers can add an acceptable markup as I really want to clear all the vinyl. If you want a chance to get your hands on some, or all of the vinyl then send me a comment to that effect. It will be a two-day sale to be held around Perth or Dundee, venue to be decided.